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ZBORZBIRK Cultural heritage in collections between the Alps and Karst


The purpose of the ZBORZBIRK project is to professionally treat, evaluate and promote cultural heritage collections created by local people.
These collections are distinct cultural treasures of the Valcanale Valley, the Resia region, the Natisone River Valley, the Torre Valley on the Italian side of the border, and the Upper Sava Valley, the Tolmin region, Kambreško, Lig and the Brda hills on the Slovenian side. There are some local museum collections among them, but mostly these are collections kept by collectors in their homes. Thus, the collectors represent the most essential element of this project, since they preserved the cultural heritage of this area in difficult times.
The items, photos and documents in these collections testify about life in the local environment, i.e. about economic activities — ranging from agriculture and livestock production to forestry, about food, traffic, trade and crafts, seasonal work and emigration, social relationships and family histories, family customs and the cycle of seasons, village festivals, music, arts, religion, etc. Almost all collections contain items from the First and Second World Wars. Some of them have already been entered into register by the Slovenian Ethnographical Museum (in the Trieste region) and the Slovenian Ethnological Society. The latter started to make a register of collections not in museum institutions a few years ago; however, the majority of them have not yet been documented.